is your market leader in plastic products. In 2012 the Ótima™ range was introduced to the plastic market and using only top quality raw materials and quick turnaround time ensured long and healthy relationships with our clients.

We stock a huge variety of plastic products which won't only satisfy your kitchen needs but can be used for various purposes, whether it be a container sorting out all those little screws in the garage or an ice bucket for keeping cool by the pool this summer, we've got you covered!

Fish Bowl

Introducing a revolutionary fun drinkware item to spice up any party and function. Playing on the nostalgia of large fish bowl drinks, this mini version holds a half litre capacity and in the fight against single-use plastic, boasts a 100% Eco-friendly Biodegradable Straw. Available in Otima’s bright signature colours and a Black and Charcoal Glitter Duo, the applications for the fish bowl are plentiful.

Colours Available

Blue Light-Blue Orange Green Pink Purple Red Yellow