is your market leader in plastic products. In 2012 the Ótima™ range was introduced to the plastic market and using only top quality raw materials and quick turnaround time ensured long and healthy relationships with our clients.

We stock a huge variety of plastic products which won't only satisfy your kitchen needs but can be used for various purposes, whether it be a container sorting out all those little screws in the garage or an ice bucket for keeping cool by the pool this summer, we've got you covered!

LockBox 2.2L

Uniquely shaped, the lockbox 2.2L is designed for storing items that are a little longer and can’t fit into the more conventional type of containers. Easily stackable, the Lockbox 2.2L can also be used to store items in narrow cupboards or spaces.


The lids and the bottoms of each container are interchangeable and are also available in the colour range below.

Colours Available

Blue Light-Blue Orange Green Pink Purple Red Yellow

Food Savers