is your market leader in plastic products. In 2012 the Ótima™ range was introduced to the plastic market and using only top quality raw materials and quick turnaround time ensured long and healthy relationships with our clients.

We stock a huge variety of plastic products which won't only satisfy your kitchen needs but can be used for various purposes, whether it be a container sorting out all those little screws in the garage or an ice bucket for keeping cool by the pool this summer, we've got you covered!

Tips and Guidelines

With a little bit of tender loving care you can get the most out of your Otima™ Home Ware products by following these tips and guidelines:


All our Otima™ containers are microwave friendly.

Make your Otima™ containers last longest by microwaving them on a lower heat, not higher than 95˚C.  

Please do not use your Otima™ in your oven or on stove tops.

Some foods and sauces may cause staining due to natural colourants.

Take extra care when reheating food on high temperatures that are high in sugar, oil, and fat as this may damage the inner lining of the plastic.

Always handle hot containers with oven gloves to protect your hands.


All our Otima™ containers are dishwasher friendly.

Load your Otima™ containers on the top shelf where they are secure, so that they don’t come loose and touch the heating elements of your dishwasher.


Use warm, soapy water and soft sponge and/or cloth to wash.

Dry them with a soft dish towel or let them air dry.

Avoid scrubbing with abrasives as this may scratch the container and lids.

When using a baking soda paste, take care to rinse and not to scrub the paste off.

Stickiness, odours and stains

Make a paste of baking soda and water.

Coat the affected surface area with your newly made paste and let it stand for a bit, then rinse.

Add some dishwashing liquid to your paste if you feel it is needed.

Leave some lemon juice to stand in the container for a while to remove odours, then wash.

A mixture of equal parts vinegar and water will also help to remove odours.


Leave containers unsealed when not in use to prevent odours
Ensure containers are completely dry before packing away


All our Otima™ containers are freezer friendly.

To expand your Otima™ containers life span, ensure the freezer is not below 25˚C.